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Cocoa Beans and Derivates

Cocoa is the seed that serves as the basis for the production of chocolate; It is considered a food with great nutritional value and an important source of energy. As it is a food rich in minerals, vitamins and fiber, it must be treated with all the necessary measures, in order to obtain a high quality product, guaranteeing that the cocoa bean meets the physical and sensory conditions that the industry demands and the final consumer. In Colombia there are about 176 thousand hectares of cocoa, of which there are 52 thousand families that grow cocoa in 30 departments of the Colombian territory.

Cocoa beans

colombian cocoa beans tribu jaguar colombia

The quality of cocoa depends on its purity, how fine it is, as well as the aroma and flavor of the bean. Colombia produces one of the best, finest and exotic cocoas in the world. This wonderful golden grain, which is the fundamental base for the production of chocolates, desserts and drinks, has gradually become one of the export-quality products that benefits hundreds of cocoa families throughout the territory. Colombian. We have cocoa from different regions.

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Artisan Chocolate balls for Beverages
100% Cocoa

artisan chocolate for drinks cococa for beverages

The perfect gear between Premium Cacao and its transformation process, through the application of artisanal techniques that rescue this ancestral knowledge. The result is a natural and healthy chocolate drink, with a rich flavor and aroma.

It does not contain sugar, they are chemical free, which allows them to be table chocolates with an exquisite flavor and delicious aroma. Its high concentration of Fine Cacao provides delight, nutrition and well-being, it can also be consumed by all public, including diabetics, celiacs, vegans and vegetarians.

Traditional 100% cocoa chocolate, different flavors.
Product packed in microbiology barrier packaging preserving its flavor and aroma.

100% cocoa artisan chocolate for beverages bitter tribu jaguar

100% Cocoa

COP$ 22,500
100% cocoa artisan chocolate beverages bitter cinnamon tribu jaguar


COP$ 22,500
100% cocoa artisan chocolate for beverages bitter cinnamon cloves and nutmeg tribu jaguar

Bitter Cinammon, cloves and nutmeg

COP$ 22,500
100% cocoa artisan chocolate for beverages bitter cloves and nutmeg tribu jaguar

Cloves and nutmeg

COP$ 22,500
100% cocoa artisan chocolate for beverages semi bitter tribu jaguar

Spices and sugar cane

COP$ 22,500

Who do you benefit with your purchase?

Thanks to your purchase, you are benefiting peasant families that produce cocoa in Caquetá, the golden gate of the Colombian Amazon.

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