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Live a different travel experience in Bogotá. We have a variety of activities, tours and plans in the Historic Center of the Colombian capital.
Get to know Colombian Coffee, considered one of the best in the world thanks to its quality, smoothness and the dedication of the coffee families.
Try a delicious Paila Ice Cream made with an artisanal technique with the most exotic fruits of our country.
Go ahead and prepare the famous and delicious corn Arepas.
Have fun tasting national liquors such as Craft Beer or Aguardiente from different regions of our country.

Colombian Coffee Tasting

colombian coffee tasting bogota tour

COP$ 66,000 per person

  • Explanation of the context of coffee and caffeine.
  • Explanation of the qualities and basic preparation of coffee.
  • Demonstration of preparation in 2 filtering methods.
  • Tasting a cup of coffee and coffee-based products.

"Paila" Ice Cream Tasting

Paila ice cream bogota tour

Paila Ice Cream: Creamy exotic fruit ice cream, made in old copper pots, following an ancestral technique from the South of Colombia.

COP$ 73,600 per person

  • Explanation of the history of the sorbet or ice cream.
  • Explanation about copper or bronze vessels.
  • Explanation about Colombian exotic fruits.
  • Demonstration of preparation of 3 different flavors
    of ice cream.
  • Tasting three flavors ice cream.

Craft Beer Tasting

craft beer tasting bogota tour

COP$ 88,200 per person

  • Introduction to brewing beer.
  • Profile of local breweries.
  • Tasting of 5 varieties in a 75 milliliter glass.

Aguardiente or "Guaro" Tasting

aguardiente guaro tasting bogota tour

Aguardiente or Guaro: Aniseed cane liquor produced by the liquor industries of various departments of Colombia.

COP$ 88,200 per person

  • Explanation of the context of Colombian aguardiente.
  • Explanation of sugar cane and its production.
  • Explanation of the qualities of the aguardiente.
  • Tasting of varieties: 3 glasses with pairing
    (lemon, salt, sugar, water).
  • Explanation of traditional accompaniments.
  • Cocktail preparation demonstration.
  • Tasting of a 10 oz cocktail per person.

Long Tasting of Colombian Coffee

long tastig of colombian coffee bogota tour

COP$ 125,000 per person

  • Explanation of the coffee context.
  • Coffee tasting.
  • Aroma, acidity, body and balance test.
  • Explanation of caffeine in the body.
  • Demonstration 2 preparation methods.
  • Tasting a cup of coffee.
  • Demonstration of artisan coffee ice cream.
  • Explanation of the preparation of coffee frappies.
  • Explanation about coffee shakes.
  • Tasting of coffee-based products.
  • Make your own coffee.

How to make "Arepas" Class

arepa class for groups bogota tour

Arepa: Ancestral food based on corn, typical of the Colombian culture.

COP$ 135,000 per person

  • Context explanation of corn and arepa.
  • Class on how to make arepas in two types of preparation:
    • Baked arepa preparation.
    • Preparation of arepa de choclo with grilled cheese.
  • Preparation of Santa Fe chocolate as a companion drink.
  • Water bottle and disposable apron.

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Colombian Coffee

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"Chocolate de Mesa"

artisan chocolate for drinks cococa for beverages

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