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Premium Banana

Banana is a delicious tropical fruit, sweet and fleshy, which grows in clusters; It is green when it is harvested, but it changes to yellow as it matures. In Colombia, banana cultivation is a source of employment and a boost to rural and national development, since almost 75% of banana production is exported to different countries of the world. About 2 million tons are harvested annually, with Antioquia being one of the departments with the most cultivated hectares, followed by La Guajira and El Magdalena. Banana is a source of calories and benefits to the body, since it is rich in fiber, carbohydrates, potassium, vitamin A, C and tryptophan, contains natural antacid and is low in fat and sodium.

banana tribu jaguar colombia banano


  • Class: “A” Premium. First class.
  • Finger size: 20 cm minimum.
  • Caliber: min. 39mm max 46 mm.
  • Number of fingers per hand: min. 5 to Max. 12 fingers.
  • Fruit age: min. 10 weeks. Max. 13 weeks.
  • Boxes: 22XU boxes (18.14 Kg net or 19.45 Kg net).
  • Containerized boxes: 1080 palletized boxes.
  • Containerized boxes: 1200 bulk boxes.
  • Packing: Cover, Bottom, Carton and Vacuum Cover or Polipack.

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banana tribu jaguar colombia banano


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