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Hass Avocado

Colombia is one of the countries with the best conditions for the production of Hass avocado with export quality, being this variety the one with the greatest potential in the international market. The area planted with avocado in Colombia is 28 thousand hectares, with an annual production of 250 thousand tons. The Hass variety represents 38% of it. Consumption of the Hass avocado has registered significant growth in recent years, an increase that is largely due to the technifications of production and the strengthening of marketing and advertising of the product, in order to meet the high standards required at the level international.

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We commercialize and export Hass avocado, in different calibers and grammages, complying with all national and international regulations, handling requirements, microbiological risk control and other necessary certifications for this product, such as ICA registration and GLOBAL GAP.
We sell calibers ranging from 120 grams to 330 grams, properly packed
boxed and packed. We sell healthy products, free of damage and defects, of firm consistency, without insects or pests, in perfect condition and with the necessary maturity for storage, transport and distribution.

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