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Amazonian Bass- Piraruc├║

It is a fish of Amazonian origin, of figure and unique characteristics, since it takes air from the middle, going out to breathe on the surface. The Piraruc├║ (Arapaima gigas), also known in the culinary world as the Amazonian bass, can reach up to 3 meters long and is bred in total harmony with its natural state. Aware of the fragility of the species, our operations do not affect the sustainability of the resource, since it is not extracted from the wild. It is cultivated from its reproduction phase to its fattening in captivity without using hybridization, sexual reversal or hormones. We do not work with high densities and we do not use immuno stimulants. The Piraruc├║ is not only an excellent fish, but it is also a sample of sustainable differentiation for the culinary world.

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Fish with a very subtle flavor due to the amount of fat present in the muscle and the amount of compounds dissolved in it. It is a territorial animal that does not move much, unlike fish such as tuna, swordfish and salmon that have a high amount of compounds in muscle and fat to be used as energy because their eating habits require large movements. This characteristic gives Piraruc├║ the excellent white color of its meat and its subtle flavor.


The amount of protein that the muscle registers is quite high. For every 100g of fish meat, 21.5g is protein. It does not have unsaturated fats, making Paiche / Piraruc├║ an ideal input for light, elegant and slightly cloying dishes. It has a meat rich in Protein: 21.5%, Moisture: 75.03%, Fat: 5.40%, M Salts: 1.06%, Carbohydrates: 0.06%. It stands out for its high content of Omega 3.6 and 9. It has zero cholesterol and has a high content of DHA, EPA fatty acids, among others.


It has two attributes at the time of cooking: firmness (ability to keep compact and without shedding) and softness (product of cooking) which, added to its juicy meat, creates a true precedent. It can be prepared in different ways: grilled, fried, sweat / stew, etc.


For sure, there is no aquaculture fish that reaches the commercial size of Piraruc├║ (10 kg approx). This culinately translates into sleek, symmetrical-shaped portions that allow you to chefs present very impressive dishes.

Cultivated in the Amazon Region of Colombia, in the Department of Caquetá, its production promotes the sustained use of natural resources, as well as the protection of the environment, and may qualify as organic or socially responsible in its production.


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