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What we want

We want to work for the conservation and promotion of the Colombian territory offering tourist, artistic and experiential activities. Also promote the commercialization of products of local origin that contribute and benefit the indigenous, peasant and raizal communities.


We integrate peasant families, indigenous people, local collaborators, creating ties in different parts of the country.


Based on the collaborative economy, we want to improve the quality of life of our collaborators.


Our main resource is Colombian beauty and diversity, that is why we work with services and products of natural, artisan and traditional origin.

Who we are

We are an enterprise that offers 100% Colombian experiences and products, bringing people closer not only to a place, but also to their communities, flavors, colors, culture and history of its people, impregnating them with magical realism that will change their lives.

We are based on three pillars that we call CAT: Culture, Art and Tourism, teaching the social and natural environment of the various regions of our country.

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Our Story

Years ago, a peasant found hidden on a riverside, a large stone carved by indigenous hands with a symbol representing the JAGUAR. Using the frottage technique, he transferred it onto a fabric that was inherited to us.
This symbol represents for us the history, diversity and magic of our country, connecting us with our culture, yearning to become, like the JAGUAR, the “guardians” of its territory, of the ancestral knowledge, traditions and natural wealth that we have received.

Our Team

We are a couple of professionals who together with other people, communities and partners made the decision to unite experience and knowledge to share the best that Colombia has to offer the world

Lorena Valderrama Asesorias Marketing

Lorena Valderrama

Marketing Consultant

Inti Eduardo Mateo Gutierrez cruz

Inti Mateo Gutierrez

Legal and Business Advisor

What we offer

Travel Experiences in Colombia

Agricultural products for Export

Handicrafts & Typical Flowers

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