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Enjoy Colombia

We want you to ENJOY COLOMBIA to get closer not only to a place, but also to its communities, flavors, folklore, history and tradition of its people.

We offer travel experiences and 100% Colombian products, so you can taste a little of our fabulous country. We work with local producers, artisans and indigenous communities.

Live and Explore the places of Colombia

Travel experiences that get you closer to a place, communities, flavors, folklore, history and tradition of its people.

Extreme Adventure

Extreme adventures near Bogotá. Ecological walks, Hiking, Rappel, Canyoning and Torrentism in Cundinamarca.

Bike Experiences

Bike City Tour and Full day Traves├şas.
Available in English, Spanish and German. Include bike rental and safety helmet.

What to do in Bogotá

Get to know the best places in the Colombian capital: coffee shops, restaurants, pubs, historical places, “plazas de mercado”, etc.

Tours in Huila

A local experience. Visit the Tatacoa Desert, do astronomical observation, relax in the river and natural pools.

Eje Cafetero

tour eje cafetero colombia

A new adventure that we are planning for you.

Explore the colors of our land

Take a part of our land with you through Colombian handicrafts, made by peasant hands and indigenous communities. Also admire the colors of our typical flowers.

With your purchase you support hundreds of local families.

Taste our flavors

We promote the export, distribution and consumption of colombian products of agricultural origin such as Coffee, Cocoa, Avocado, Banana, Piraruc├║ (Amazonian bass), among others.

Special green coffee beans and roasted coffee (ground and beans) of the highest quality. Different varieties, regions, sizes and certifications. Micro and nano lots.
Premium quality cocoa beans from different regions of Colombia and Chocolate for beverages.
Colombian Hass avocado in different calibers and grammages, complying with all national and international regulations and certifications.
Piraruc├║ (Arapaima gigas) is a fish of Amazonian origin that can reach up to 3 meters long. Has a very subtle flavor and a fairly high amount of protein.
Banana is a delicious tropical fruit, sweet and fleshy, which grows in clusters. Firt Class "A" Premium Banana.

We are TRIBU JAGUAR, a community that offers Colombian experiences and products. We want you to know and enjoy Colombia!

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